Finding The Right Treatment Center

Finding The Right Treatment Center

We Are Here To Help You.

The Sober Lining is a professional substance abuse, behavioral health and addiction placement program supporting families and individuals. The Sober Lining works with Detox and Inpatient Treatment Centers (Rehabs) nationwide. By doing this, it allows The Sober Lining to work with the leading, quality programs fitting your or a loved one’s needs without the financial frustration. Call today to discuss a treatment direction.


Grants & Scholarships

We specialize in removing the financial obstacles preventing people from entering in to a program. We offer grants and/or scholarships and financing for detox and in-patient treatment programs. We are here to give you strength, support and a solid foundation to stand on as you start your journey to recovery.

The Sober Lining is supported by individuals who stood where you stand right now. Call us today at 800-939-4237.

We specialize in working with most private insurance companies; such as, Aetna, Assurant, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Humana, IHC, United Health Care and Value Options (both in-network and out-of-network ) and we will find you an effective and successful behavoiral health or drug and alcohol treatment program / center.


Our Focus on Successful Outcomes

At The Sober Lining, we take pride in focusing on successful outcomes for our clients. By placing you or a loved one with an effective program tailored to your needs and the right clinical team based on your or your loved one’s situation, will make the difference between building a solid foundation towards recovery and relapsing.


Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Disorders

In some cases, there are many underlying issues, which cause people to start using drugs, medications, or alcohol to numb the pain of anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar, PTSD, other mental concerns or experiences. We work with only vetted programs and treatment centers, where the focus is on treating dual-diagnosis and will get to the root cause of every situation.


Call The Sober Lining at 800-939-4237.