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Charles from Florida

Charles from Florida

I am a Gulf War Veteran. I did my time, served my country and came back to my life in shambles. I am also an alcoholic, with my drinking came my anger. My wife eventually left me and took our kids.

I moved in with my parents, I was a wreck. At this point, I was a full-blown alcoholic not even bothering to hide my secret. Maybe I was before coming home, but I had everything in control… At least I thought I did.

My dad started creating situations, which always ended up in us having a yelling argument, me drinking to pass out and waking up every morning pulling the gun out of my mouth.

After having one of our “standard arguments”, I decided that night I was either going to get help or end it all. I choose a way that left both options open to me. I thought I would call someone just to talk.

After calling several places, only to find out that they were closed and I had to leave a voicemail, I got a live person on the phone, I got The Sober Lining.

I was hoping they could just talk me down and get me through another night. But, I found the voice on the other end of the phone to be a calming presence. We discussed my situation, my pain, and they listened to me. They genuinely cared about me. There was no judgment and after 45 minutes on the phone, we made a deal to speak in the morning.

The next morning, I honored my end of the deal and so did they. After speaking again, I got started on my road to recovery. The Sober Lining not only changed my life, they saved it.

Charles – Florida

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