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Christina from Texas

Christina from Texas

I received my second DWI and was court ordered to go to treatment. I did not even want to leave my house; nevertheless, go into a residential treatment program.

I started calling around to different centers and was not having any luck. I have good insurance under my parents and still could not find a center that did not want $5,000 or more, nor would they allow me to go on a payment plan.

Since I was court ordered to get help, I had to keep searching for a center. I called The Sober Lining at 10pm one night and figured they wouldn’t be able to help me either. Wow, was I wrong! They were able to give me different options of centers in my area and out of state that could accept me for a fraction of the amount that I was quoted at other centers.

It was almost too good to be true. I felt an immediate connection to my sobriety advocate but was still not sure if this was true. I asked if we could set up a conference call so she could speak directly with my parents and explain their programs and the options that had to offer me.

On a Sunday at 7pm, she called and spoke with my parents for almost 90 minutes. The following day, my advocate provided me with a letter of acceptance to present to the judge on my court date. The judge then allowed me to leave the state to attend treatment.

The Sober Lining scholarshipped me a plane ticket to Florida. I completed 42 days in treatment and feel like a new person. Upon my graduation from my program, I reached out to my sobriety advocate at The Sober Lining to let her know my progress and thank her for everything.

My days of binge drinking and partying are behind me. Although I am back home, I am still in treatment. As for my aftercare program, Sober Lining located a local outpatient program that accepted my insurance and I was am able to attend weekly. This is the beginning of a new journey for me and I am not sure I could have done it without The Sober Lining. Thank you so much for your patience, understanding, guidance and advice throughout this process.

Christina - Texas

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