Behavioral Health

Depression and/or anxiety is described as not being able to leave your home, just stuck in a never-ending cycle. Some feel angry, restless and/or empty. How you experience depression will vary. It feels like nothing will change.

Are you depressed? Are you feeling these symptoms; hopeless, lack of interest in activities, not enjoying what you used to enjoy. You can’t concentrate. You feel tired all the time. Irritable, aggressive, short tempered more than usual. You’re engaging in reckless behavior, self-loathing and experiencing unexplained aches & pains. If you have had these feelings for a while, the more likely you’re dealing with depression.

Below are some types of depression: Mild or Moderate Depression, Major Depression, A Typical Depression Dysthymia – Recurrent Low Grade Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Bi-Polar Disorder, sometimes know as Manic Depression. If you’re suffering with depression and/or anxiety, ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar or PTSD, please call 800-939-4237 today to speak with one of experienced behavioral health team members to discuss your treatment options.