Technology and Addiction

Technology and Addiction

I am not sure about you, but I basically have my smart phone, tablet or computer with me all of the time. I use the alarm on my phone to wake up; I play music on my phone when I exercise. I read emails, texts and news throughout the day on my tablet, smart phone or computer.

Sure, it feels as if my technology is a real help, as if it contains my little world of information. However, without me inputting and using my devices, they would have little knowledge of my life. What would it be like to have my computer devices know me, how I was feeling, what I was thinking of doing?

Does it scare you to think of a day when our smart phones, tablets, and computers may actually know how we are feeling by the touch of our fingers on the keyboard? How about if you were fitted with a device that allowed your computer devices to help monitor you? Seem like a Sci-Fi movie?

Welcome to Meaningful Recovery.
“…patients complete intensive outpatient medical stabilization with monitored medical support. They wear discrete biomonitoring patches that constantly communicate with a central computer system to warn them whenever their stress levels are high. They also receive mobile phone prompting to complete ongoing health assessments that proactively discourage a return to self-destructive behavior.”

What a concept, wearing a patch that constantly communicates with a central computer? The program takes recovery a step further with the use of technology.

They utilize mobile phone-global-positioning features to alert addicts and their support network, like family members, when they are in a trigger setting. They also utilize the patient’s contacts and a calendar to reinvent their social and recreational lives.

I am not sure if being monitored while participating in an outpatient treatment program will work for everyone. There is something to be said about treating addiction while being removed from their support systems, living in a controlled environment for a period of time, and gaining skills while being able to be focused on their long-term success.

I am very excited about the utilization of technology to help deal with addictions. It may need tweaking, but the more great minds focus their attention on new and innovative ways to help treat addiction, the brighter the future can be for many individuals.

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