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What is detox?

You have probably heard of the word detoxification or detox for short. The process of detox is simply the removal of toxic substances from the human body. When the body begins to use the liver to rid itself of addictive substances, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. It is important to work with medical staff when detoxing so that they can relieve or reduce withdrawal symptoms. Without support, the individual may need to reuse the addictive substance to reduce the feelings of withdrawal.

Heal your body the right way

The reason that detoxification is the first step for many people who want to stop their addictive life, is that it brings the body back to normal after it is has been continuously fed addictive substances. The Sober Lining only works with Detoxification programs that have proven success and the most up-to-date detox programs.

When is detox needed?

Heroin, Fentanyl and any opioid / opiate pain relief prescription drug use will require detox as the withdrawals are quite severe. Alcohol use, depending upon usage, will also require detox. Cocaine and Methamphetamine (meth) do not require detox, unless it is used in a combination with other substances. Xanax, Adderall will typically require detox depending upon dosage and type of use.

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